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Restoration of the Great Pier of Toulon

This structure protects the port activity of the Toulon harbor, especially from the East swell. The work is divided into several sections:
– The removal of concrete elements, submerged wrecks, and placed against the current dike.
– Reprofiling the existing embankment by adding riprap underneath
– Install a toe stop on the long side of the bay.
– Place a rock armor in two layers.
– Restructuring the mussel to the south of the dike, and rebuilding a docking platform for the lighthouse and beacon service.
This project requires significant logistics that may be affected by the vagaries of the weather. Riprap is laid by sea using the Sisyphus, a barge towed by the Popeye between Fos-sur-Mer and the main jetty, a distance of approximately 60 nautical miles. Each trip can bring 1400 T of riprap.

Toulon, France