Chantier Naval IMS 700
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New Shipyard IMS 700

Supply and installation of the piles necessary for the construction of the IMS700 shipyard in Saint Mandrier (83), on the site of the former naval airbase (BAN). It should be noted that the soil is of relatively poor quality and required the installation of piles up to 38 m long, in one go and without welding on the site. The dock carrying the Travel Lift with a capacity of 700T, supported by 53 piles of 863 mm, the jetty for the floating parking carried by 32 piles of 863, the chop breaker made up of floating concrete caissons guided by 9 tubes of 1220 and 13 tubes of 1420 and finally 16 tubes of 1066 cut by scuba divers and used for the anchoring of mooring boxes.

Saint-Mandrier, France