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Dry dock Vauban

As part of the replacement of the boat carrier of the large Vauban North West and North East docks of the Toulon Arsenal on behalf of ESID, and as a subcontractor of Joseph Paris who supplied the boat carrier, Negri was in charge of the demolition and reconstruction of the BP16 support rabbet. For this, it was necessary to build a temporary cofferdam of 40 meters x 15 meters x 10 meters width with a low point at the coast -13CM, allowing the work to be carried out dry and safe. The construction of this spectacular work mobilized some of our heavy means such as the Kinard crane for the installation of the prefabricated 60-ton steel panels. Carried out as part of our own work, this project was a notable success, although complex, paving the way for other similar work on behalf of ESID.

2018 - 2020
Driving equipment
Toulon, France