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Our activities

With a century of experience in maritime works, highly qualified personnel, and a large range of equipment,  Jean Negri and sons are involved in different activities.

The company, which was originally specialized in underwater works, has been able to diversify its activity throughout its existence to acquire important know-how in the field of marine engineering. Thanks to its high degree of expertise, specialization, and the quality of its equipment, the company cultivates excellence and has a solid reputation in France and abroad. By taking customer needs into account through our engineering, EJN NEGRI is able to advise, design, dimension, and build for its customers an infrastructure with a low cost of ownership. The company accompanies its clients in their dealings with public, private, or international financial backers in order to propose financing solutions.

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Breakwater and shore protection maintenance

These protective dykes and harbour jetties are used to protect a port or part of a port from the actions of the swell. Essential to the proper operation of ports, these artificial structures are subject to degradation and require regular maintenance to guarantee their life for more than a hundred years. The Negri company has a great know-how in this type of work. We have been actively involved in the maintenance and improvement of the seawall off the port of Marseille for more than 40 years.

Floating platform

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